Lines Refund Policy

If for some reason you can no longer make it to the conference, please read the terms and conditions below.


If you want to cancel your pass, Lines can refund you up until July 11th and transfer your spot to the waiting list. There will be a $75 charge to cancel and refund your ticket. If you sponsored a creative, you have 48 hours to cancel that sponsorship. Again, there will be a $75 charge that applies to cancel and refund your ticket. Plane tickets and hotel accommodations for creatives will be made after 48 hours. For those who would like to cancel or get a refund for an online pass, you will be charged $50.

Transferring Your Pass

If you can't make it and you may share your pass privately, but we ask you do not sell it publicly. If you wish to do so you must notify us by July 11th. No transfers can be issued for passes that are cancelled on or after July 11th. A sponsorship pass can not be transferred. Please notify Lines if you wish to transfer your pass at

Why all the policies?

We have bills and budgets too! Putting forth policies helps us meet all invoices that are due before the conference. On top of that, this allows us to print super awesome lanyards for all final attendees before the event.

If you have any questions about your pass, please email us at